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We believe that all should be able to affordably promote themselves or any business. We offer the ability for any size business to be able to promote themselves without the cost of hiring a high cost production companies or an expensive Ad Agencies.  Companies can now level the playing field by using affordable professional marketing services. 

About JollyPromos.com

JollyPromos helps individuals , entrepreneurs, small business and big businesses grow. JollyPromos resources allow any business to use creative professional marketing and business services through our partner channels. We offer creative, affordable, royalty free marketing videos, voice overs, all created by our in-house production studio.  Since the most valuable thing is information, JollyPromos resources makes it easy to grow a business online without the typical expensive marketing costs. We help you build your business with a strong marketing foundation and that starts with a  free* premium eCommerce website.

JollyPromos was started by Greg "JollyGrego" O'Rourke. Greg spent most of his years in the entertainment and marketing world.  JollyPromos helps entropuners, small business to big business grow teaching them how to use creative affordable to free marketing services. An independent producer, director, actor, host and writer with over 25 years in the entertainment business. Greg has written and produced from concept to completion local and regional advertisement campaigns, National TV segments, TV show-Pilots, web promos, and radio spots. Greg understands business!  Greg was an accomplished national seminar speaker, speaking to thousands of people across the country on home-based businesses. Greg found out that over the years most new or even established companies just couldn't afford to promote or market themselves like their competition could. Most business couldn't grow without marketing and others just couldn't afford to test market.  Greg was asked all the time if someone could make a commercial or ad like the one they saw he did. Once they were told of just the production cost, not even the airtime costs, it just became unattainable for most.  So, JollyPromos was created to bridge that gap and offer everyone a chance to use professional created marketing services and ads for any business at cheap prices. JollyPromos kicked off a new season on MTV’S Emmy award winning show MADE.  JollyPromos were approached by MTV because of our unique style of shooting commercial templates as comedy-driven mini-films, with a hint of storytelling.

What's Going On In Todays Marketing World?

The world of marketing moves so fast and can be so overwhelming on

where to start and what to do?  It's so expensive just to hire an ad agency to create just an idea. What about the cost of a production company to create that idea? What is digital marketing?

Today's marketing, It's just downright confusing and expensive!  You might ask, What website company do I use? How do I accept credit card payments from a reputable source? How can I attract customers and keep the ones I have loyal. What about ads, commercials, radio, social media, email marketing, web hosting, eCommerce shop type websites? How much is all this cost? What if I use one of gimmicky slide show ad websites? Most sites make you sign up for some monthly membership you'll never use and nobody ever picks up the phone.

At JollyPromos, we understand the confusion and know how expensive running any business can be.  Not only do we produce in house ad agency quality ads. We will work with you personally. Also, we have partnered with many professional world class services that make it possible for our clients to build a brand on the cheap. Now, with JollyPromos, you can level the playing field, play alongside the big dogs and market professionally on a budget! Remember, with JollyPromos, there  are no subscriptions, no sign ups, and no cost to speak with us. We offer Free eCommerce websites and hosting. No set up costs and zero monthly website fees*. Your success is our success!


No Memberships               No Ad Agency Costs                Royalty Free

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