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Simple Pricing That's Affordable

No Ad Agency Fees!    No sign Ups or Memberships!     Royalty Free!    Lifetime Usage Rights!  


It's No Secret!


Each Promo Only:


Each Template Promo Includes:

  • Original Jolly Concepts

  • Royalty Free

  • Licensed Forever

  • Your Logo added

  • Motion Text Graphics

  • Voice Over-End Tagline

  • Fast Delivery 

  • Choose any for one price

  • Professionally Edited

  • Your Business Info Added

  • Greg / Male Voiceover

  • Custom Text Overlay 

  • License music (Royalty Free)

  • No sign up or Membership

  • One Time Price

  • HD Quality Video

  • Fully Licensed Music

  • Lifetime Video Usage

  • Download as MP4

  • Original Promos Created by JollyPromos only.

  • No Watermarks

Pro Promos

*Most Pro Promos Cost Only

Call For Pricing

Each Production Includes:

  • Your Original Concept 

  • Professionally Produced

  • Royalty Free

  • Licensed Forever

  • Motion Graphics

  • Voice Over

  • Fast Delivery 

  • Fully customized video commercial from scratch

  • Professionally Edited

  • Premium Stock Footage

  • Full Motion Graphics

  • HD Quality Video

  • Fully Licensed Music

  • Lifetime Video Usage

  • Prominent revisions 

  • Royalty Free

  • Color Grading

  • Multiple File Formats

  • Background Music 

  • Your Script

  • Sound Effects

  • No Memberships

  • Free Consult 

   Interactive Video

Per video

Call For Pricing

Make any video interactive! Hosting any interactive video on JollyPromos interactive platform under 5 minutes. Longer video length is available.


Branching of several videos into one, counts as one video!

  • Unlimited Monthly Viewers Per Video on JollyPromos interactive platform. $9.99 Month

JollyPromos makes creating your interactive video affordable with our in-house production studio. Just call and we can go over any pricing.


Simple Production starts at $49


We can create your original interactive video or use your existing video or footage. We can ​add professional production elements.

Read our Interactive FAQ

Animation        Videos

Call For Pricing

  • 3D & 2D animation videos characters. Video ads,  ecommerce videos, square videos, explainer videos, mobile stories, slide shows, promo videos, YouTube content, 3D Scroller effects, bobble heads and more.

Scroller Videos Only $39

Promo Ad Only $129

Explainer Videos Call for pricing rate-depends on length.

All Animation comes with full production elements: 

voice over, script writing assistance, music, sound effects, royalty free, 2 edit sessions. Fast Delivery!

Video Editing

No High Cost Production Services. No project is too small.  

Vocal Recording

Over 35 World Class Voice Talent. Same Day Voice Overs

  • What is JollyPromos?
    For over 20 Years, Greg O'Rourke of JollyPromos, has helped individuals, entrepreneurs, small business and big businesses growth creative affordable marketing content. JollyPromos resources allow any business to use creative professional marketing and business services. We offer creative, affordable, royalty free marketing videos, and voice overs created by our in-house production studio. Since the most valuable thing is information, JollyPromos resources makes it easy to grow a business online without the typical expensive marketing costs. Our interactive video platform is the future of how business are now interacting with viewers, customers and employees. Our interactive video technology platforms are working in today's real world. Interactive video drives customers to communicate and purchase directly off the video itself.
  • What if I don't know what I need for my business?
    We actually will talk to you on the phone like the old days. We love to hear from you and go over what you might need. We can make recommedations on what would help your business grow. Our Marketing and business software is simple to use! We can create digital marketing for you or direct you to our do-it-yourself marketing platforms. We support all types of businesses. So, it doesn't matter if you're working out of your garage, if you're a small local business, a large company, independent agent or you just want to talk to us about an idea you have. Give us a call!
  • Does Your Interactive Video Work On Mobile Devices?
    Yes, your interactive videos play flawlessly across all browsers and all devices, including mobile phones.
  • What Type of Interactive Videos Can Be Created?
    There are almost endless ways to use interactive videos. Here are a few: Interactive videos can be Shoppable videos, business videos, marketing videos, webinar videos, welcome videos, surveys & quizzes, product videos, sales videos, educational videos, real estate videos, introduction videos, tour videos, lead generation videos, entertainment videos (you choose the way the scene goes), instructional videos, workout videos, showcase or demo videos, agent videos, website welcome videos, review videos, legal videos, RSVP videos, video messaging and the list goes on.. Use your imagination. Contact us and we will help you think of ways for you to use interactive videos to your advantage.
  • Can I embed an Interactive video in my website, blog, landing page or email?
    Yes, you can embed the interactive videos on sites. The embed codes work on websites that accept HTML codes. We send you an embed code and you can simply copy and paste the HTML code into your site. We create a specific link that you can send or use to share on social media and in emails. The link will have a landing page for your viewers to communicate directly with you! Great for onsites and offsite!
  • Are your videos Royalty Free?
    Yes, are videos and voice overs are royalty free. See our Simple License
  • Can you repurpose my existing footage? Can you make any video I own or create interactive?
    Yes! We can not only use any of your footage, but we can add professional production elements. For example: added footage, motion graphics, voice over (if needed), text, music, color correction, an editing style that fits the footage, as well as many other production elements. We can make it really pop with call to actions and really make your interactive video look professional. Footage can be from any video source. Your footage can be professionally shot or just from photos and or your mobile phone video.
  • Is my credit card secure when I pay?
    Yes, of course. We don't ask or even enter your credit card information on our site. We don't see the info or store any information on our site or server. We send you an invoice directly to your email with a pay button which is paid right off the invoice. We never see or store your credit card info. We receive a response your invoice is paid and send out your finished order. We only collect payments for our marketing services, our videos, listings on our interactive video platform, voice overs or any creative or production services.
  • Are My Videos and Voiceovers Royalty Free?
    Yes, your voiceover purchase is a complete buyout from us. Use it for as long as you like and broadcast it wherever you wish. Please note, we do not offer exclusivity contracts with any of our voice talents. Note: Any JollyPromos Voiceovers template spots are not included in buyouts and can't be used in any other format other than the original video. Any video that is created from stock footage and or our template are royalty free. Please check out our simple license
  • Why Is Interactive Video So Important For My Business?
    Interactive video is good for business because it allows companies to engage with their customers in a more personal and immersive way. This type of video allows customers to interact with the content in real time, making it more engaging and memorable. Additionally, interactive video can provide businesses with valuable insights about their customers, such as their preferences and behavior, which can be used to improve their products and services. Furthermore, interactive video can help businesses to increase their reach and visibility, as well as to drive more traffic and increase sales and communication. Interactive video can be used for sales, education, training, marketing, entertainment, ads and so much more..Overall, interactive video is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and improve their bottom line.
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