Frequently asked questions

What is JollyPromos.com?

For over 20 Years, Greg O'Rourke of JollyPromos, has helped individuals, entrepreneurs, small business and big businesses grow. JollyPromos resources allow any business to use creative professional marketing and business services through our partner channels. We offer creative, affordable, royalty free marketing videos, and voice overs created by our in-house production studio. Since the most valuable thing is information, JollyPromos resources makes it easy to grow a business online without the typical expensive marketing costs. We help you build your business with a strong marketing foundation and that starts with a free* premium eCommerce website.

What if I don't know what I need for my business?

We actually will talk to you on the phone like the old days. We love to hear from you and go over what you might need. We can make recommedations on what would help your business grow. For example, we offer anyone new or exsiting businesses our free enterprise website at not cost to you. How? It's simple, just use or payment processor. Same comparable rates or lower than most payments. We will manage your account and make recommedations on your needs at no cost to you. If you need low cost video, radio, or any marketing? We will go over what you may or not need and keep things affordable.

Are your videos Royalty Free?

Yes, are videos and voice overs are royalty free. See our Simple License

Is my credit card secure when I pay?

Yes, of course. We don't ask or even enter your credit card information on our site. We don't see the info or store any information on our site or server. We send you an invoice directly to your email with a pay button which is paid right off the invoice. We never see or store your credit card info. We recieve a response that the invoice is paid and send out your order immediatly. We only collect payments for our videos, voice over or any ad production.

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