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Interactive Videos

We can turn any video into an interactive way to communicate with your viewer and customer. We can create video for you or use your existing video or footage!



Lead Generation


Surveys & Quizes 

Training & Education

Shoppable & Ecommerce

And More....

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Unlimited Views 

JollyPromos interactive platform offers unlimited views per video! *


Our interactive videos play on all browsers and on all devices - including tablets and mobile phones.


Full Screen

*Hosting monthly video pricing doesn't include the interactive production or if we create video content.  We make all of our professional video production in-house and offer affordable production for all types of projects. Use our template promos and save on production or we can create original videos for you. We can use your footage or existing videos and make them interactive.  Check out our FAQ

Give customers & Viewers the power to interact with your brand within videos without needing to go anywhere else.

Some JollyPromos Interactive Productions. Click The Videos To See IT In Action!

Branding Video and interactive video created by JollyPromos with a interactive call-to-action to purchase right off the video!

Interactive Entertainment Marketing-Ted & Fred Series

We created a series of comedy TV commercials with the characters "Ted & Fred" We then created an interactive video allowing the viewers to choose what to view in the Ted & Fred series. This can be embedded like any of our interactive video into websites & landing pages with our simple copy and paste HTML code. Also, use the designed video link to share on social media and in emails.

Entertainment interactive marketing. These Characters can be used as a template for any business by changing the ending with any companies logos, graphics and voice over.

Interactive website video and interactive created by JollyPromos with Facebook interactive links to join Treasure Hunters of America Facebook page.


The Viewer can interact and do this directly off the video.

Shoppable branding and interactive Video created by JollyPromos with call-to-action to purchase directly off the video. Video includes interactive overlay menu links (end of the video). Viewer can also click the purchase button at anytime during the video.

JollyPromos can use your existing footage to create Educational Branching videos. The viewer  can interact with the video and choose their path.


Here is a fun example where JollyPromos created the video and the interactive viewer menu selections.

Branching existing clients training video content, connecting Multiple Videos into one.


We create an interactive menu that allows for the viewer to select what they want to watch.  Video Chapters are added to the lower right corner of  video for the viewer to skip to next video at anytime.

JollyPromos created this video ad that leaves the viewer to a creative ad with the ability to shop for the product right off the video. The interaction link redirects to the specific location of the product ordering page. The call-to -action allows the viewer to get a discount by hitting the interactive buttons.

We separated the ending and it can stand alone with or without the creative ad.

JollyPromos created this looping promotional sales video that can stand by itself on a website or landing page.

This type of moving graphics and interactive shopping video catches the eye of a visiting shopper. You can place this anywhere to drive sales for a promotion, sales event, etc..The video can change according to what you are offering or promoting.


We created this video by just using a single static picture from Lemon Perfect. Our creative production studio created a dynamic professional moving call-to-action interactive video.

  Build A Sense Of Urgency With Interactive                    Menus, Pop-ups and Timers

JollyPromos created this video and the interactive menu that creates a sense of urgency. Check out the interactive layer with the timer.


Perfect for promotions or sales. This interactive style of video can work for any type of business or service. The interactive menu lets the viewer go directly to where they personally want to shop. 

Please note:  the discount in the video is NOT in effect

                               and is for example only!

JollyPromos created an interactive video from existing footage. We took multiple testimonials and branched them together connecting them to a product demo.


This video takes the viewer into a sales flow by viewing testimonials. We created Pop-ups, Call-to-Actions, moving video menus, chapters (lower right of video) direct links, and a click promo. All connected videos have unique sales flows. Can you see how this would work for your business?

Shopify, E-commerce & Websites Use Interactive Videos To Get Personal With Every Customer. Start For Free!

We have partnered with Tolstoy to bring you the best interactive app on the market today. JollyPromos in-house interactive platform is a highly produced effective interactive video platform. However, Tolstoy is perfect for shoppable websites like Shopify and for any e-commerce websites. JollyPromos can create content for your interactive video through our platform or any of our partner platforms. 

Join 5,000+ companies using video to build stronger connections & drive sales.

Tolstoy helps you engage your customers with video. Deliver a TikTok-like experience by adding Shoppable videos to your site with 1 click. Easily import your TikTok videos, Instagram stories & reels and YouTube videos and turn them Shoppable with an "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button that allows shoppers to purchase a product while watching the video. Tolstoy's videos are the perfect way to boost sales, build stronger connections with your customers, and make them fall in love with your brand!

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 4.12.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 4.21.47 PM.png


JollyPromos are proud of all the partners we work with. We spend a tremendous amount of time making sure that our partners and JollyPromos can co-brand together. This allows any business or individuals to use our experienced recommendations and JollyPromos savings for your business or personal use. We are not hired by any of our partners but we sign partner agreements to co-brand to benefit our JollyPromos visitors, merchants and clients.


We recommend any of our partners because we know that simply they will be useful and helpful, and not because of the small amount of commission that we may receive. There is no need to sign up or pay for any services if you believe that they won't be beneficial to you or your business. There's never any added or extra costs! Only savings through our JollyPromos marketing partnerships.

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