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Voice Over Rates

Voice Over Rates are shown below. We have top professional talent and fast delivery! Need just a voice for your project?  Need us to create a full audio production for you? Let us know. We can assist and with no agency costs for our producing. One flat low cost rate for a voice or full production!

Fast, Affordable, World-Class Professional Voice Talent!  Broadcast Wherever You Want!

                                             Spots Rate Card

* All Current Prices based on one read per spot. Additional reads billed accordingly.
(All talents are required to send at least two reads with copy :10 & under.) We will help you select from our 35 world class voice over talents. Greg "JollyGrego" O'Rourke's rate for voice over is: $49 for up to 01- :30 spot

All other voice over talent rates (includes any of our 35 Plus Voice over artists) are listed below:

                                                               Your purchase Is a complete buyout and royalty free!

Regular Voice Talent (male/female):                  

Read Length Price

:15 or less spot   $60

:15.1 - :35 spot  $80

:35.1 - :65 spot  $110

Accented or Character Voice Talent:

Read Length Price

:15 or less spot  $80

:15.1 - :35 spot $100

:35.1 - :65 spot $130

Children Voice Talent:

Read Length Price

:01 to :35 spot $80 to $220

* Please allow 1 to 4 days

Spanish VO & Translation:

Seconds Price

Voice Over :01 to :35.     $100

Voice Over :35.1 to :65   $130

Character Voice Overs+20%

Translation :01 to :05        $40

Translation :05.1 to :35.    $100

Translation :35.1 to :65.    $120

Music, SFX & fully produced spots:

fully produced: From :01 to :30 Seconds. We work with you to write the spot, include one voice over, sound effects, music beds and deliver the spot.        Price $300.00 (additional voices if needed are extra)

Narration Rate Card - Call for pricing.


Contact: Greg "JollyGrego" O'Rourke 


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