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Music Equipment

Voice Over Rates

Voice Over Rates are shown below. We have top professional talent and fast delivery! Need just a voice for your project?  Need us to create a full audio production for you? Let us know. We can assist and with no agency costs for our producing. One flat low cost rate for a voice or full production!

Fast, Affordable, World-Class Professional Voice Talent!  Broadcast Wherever You Want!

                                             Spots Rate Card


* All Current Prices based on one read per spot. Additional reads billed accordingly.
(All talents are required to send at least two reads with copy :10 & under)

We will help you select from our 35 world class voice over talents.


Greg "JollyGrego" O'Rourke's rate for voice over is: $49 for up to 01- :30 spot

All other voice over talent rates (includes any of our 35 Plus Voice over artists) are listed below:

                                                               Your purchase Is a complete buyout and royalty free!


Regular Voice Talent (male/female):                  

Read Length Price

:15 or less spot   $60

:15.1 - :35 spot    $80

:35.1 - :65 spot    $110

Accented or Character Voice Talent:

Read Length Price

:15 or less spot  $80

:15.1 - :35 spot   $100

:35.1 - :65 spot   $130

Children Voice Talent:

Read Length Price

:01 to :35 spot $80 to $220

* Please allow 1 to 4 days

Spanish VO & Translation:

Seconds Price

Voice Over :01 to :35.      $100

Voice Over :35.1 to :65    $130

Character Voice Overs+20%

Translation :01 to :05         $40

Translation :05.1 to :35.    $100

Translation :35.1 to :65.    $120

Music, SFX & fully produced spots:

fully produced: From :01 to :30 Seconds. We work with you to write the spot, include one voice over, sound effects, music beds and deliver the spot.        Price $300.00 (additional voices if needed are extra)

Narration Rate Card - Call for pricing.

Media Radio Buying:

Let us assist you in your media buying for radio ad space and times. No extra charge to you! Let us place your ads in the right time slots, with the right type of stations and with our negotiated rates. This is one of the most important ways to get the best results for you ads. We will work with any station across the nation with our in house media buyer. 

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