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One Of The Best Apps For Your Shopify Website!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Shopify is one the the world's best e-commerce platforms to build your online business. However, finding the best apps to go along with your Shopify site can be overwhelming. Using the right app can make the difference between making sales or losing them.

Shoppable video is rapidly transforming the ecommerce storefront as businesses realise the awesome potential of this incredibly effective tool. Let's see why this app is a must have not only for shoppable videos but how you can drive customer engagement and turn one-on-one conversations into conversions.

Make your videos shoppable and create interactive videos to drive sales and increase engagement.

Join 5,000+ companies using video to build stronger connections & drive sales

Tolstoy helps you engage your customers with video. Deliver a TikTok-like experience by adding Shoppable videos to your site with 1 click. Easily import your TikTok videos, Instagram stories & reels and YouTube videos and turn them Shoppable with an "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button that allows shoppers to purchase a product while watching the video. Tolstoy's videos are the perfect way to boost sales, build stronger connections with your customers, and make them fall in love with your brand!

Share your founder story, answer FAQs or welcome visitors with branching videos.

Use existing videos from TikTok and Instagram to create on-site shoppable videos

Stand out with eye-catching product videos, video reviews & UGC video feeds.

Collect data and give personalized recommendations with Video Quizzes.

Embed shoppable Tolstoy videos into your SMS & email campaigns.

Benefits of Shoppable Video and Interactive Videos :

  1. Increased engagement: Interactive video apps like Tolstoy allow users to actively participate in the content, rather than passively watching it. This leads to increased engagement and a more memorable experience for the user. Tolstoy offers interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and forms that can be added to videos to make them more engaging.

  2. Improved user experience: Interactive videos can be used to provide product demonstrations, tutorials, and other types of helpful content. Tolstoy allows you to add clickable menus, annotations, and other interactive elements that can provide additional information or lead users to other parts of your website. This can improve the overall user experience and reduce friction in the conversion process.

  3. Increased conversions: By providing useful information and allowing users to interact with products, interactive videos can increase conversions. Tolstoy allows you to add calls-to-action such as "Buy Now" buttons directly to your videos, which can increase conversions. They can also be used to gather user data, such as email addresses, which can be used for targeted marketing campaigns.

  4. Increased social proof: Interactive videos can be used to showcase customer testimonials and product reviews. Tolstoy allows you to add comments and reviews directly to your videos, which can increase social proof and help build trust with potential customers.

  5. Add To Your site with one click: Interactive videos can increase the time users spend on your website, which can improve your search engine rankings. You can send a Tolstoy video link , embed in an email and communicate via text, video response right off a Tolstoy video

  6. Easy to use and customize: Tolstoy is easy to use, it doesn't require any coding skills, you can easily customize your videos by adding interactive elements, changing the layout and design of the video, and much more. Embeds directly in your website or email!

eCommerce, Marketing, Outreach, SMS, Interactive Videos & more..

Automate your onboarding process

Use the Tolstoy screen sharing app to create tutorials like new account creation and website navigation. Give a personal touch for each client with a customized introduction that only takes seconds to create.

Convert more leads

Connect with your potential clients on a human level when you welcome them to your site with an engaging video. Allow them to ask questions by responding with a video, audio, or text message.

Collect honest feedback

Send a Tolstoy to your customers, asking them to create a video review. Then display those reviews in a carousel on your website.

In conclusion, interactive video apps like Tolstoy can be a powerful addition to your Shopify website, providing a range of benefits that can enhance the user experience, drive conversions, and improve SEO. With an app like Tolstoy, you can easily create engaging and interactive videos that will help you stand out from the competition.

Create and publish your first Tolstoy video today!

100+ integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo and the rest of your Ecom tech stack to allow you to easily sync shoppers’ video engagement data with the rest of your workflows, automations, and customer profiles

See it in action and sign up today! Click the green button below.


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JollyPromos resources allow any business to use interactive videos. JollyPromos can create new or use your existing footage and make it interactive. JollyPromos has a creative content studio helping businesses create video and interactive marketing.


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